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About Us

Transmed, Inc. is a trusted name in mobile medical ultrasound, and has been providing quality mobile medical ultrasound exams to rural hospitals and clinics in the region for over 25 years. Transmed, Inc. is presently serving hospitals, and clinics in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota.  The Transmed, Inc/ Screening America office is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

A pioneer in high quality mobile ultrasound testing and cardiovascular screening, Transmed is now bringing two well-designed cardiovascular screening programs to the public under the banner of Screening America. These heart and vascular screening programs are designed to save the lives of you and your loved ones by detecting problems before tragedy strikes.

Our Stroke Screening Program is designed to detect vascular abnormalites found in middle-aged to older adults that may lead to a stroke, cause pain from poor circulation in the legs (PAD), and to detect abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) which can be fatal.

The Youth Hearts Screening Program is a comprehensive medical ultrasound screening program designed to detect specific heart abnormalities in young people that have been shown to cause sudden cardiac death.

Many hospitals, clinics, universities, community organizations, banks, churches, sports clubs, and booster clubs throughout the region are already providing an important opportunity for residents of their community, young and old, to be screened by hosting a group screening at their location.  Your community should be one of them.

Screening America will bring its specialized ultrasound equipment and expert staff to your venue.  There is no cost to the hosting facility.  Show your community your commitment to their well-being.  These important health screenings have been proven to save lives.  The availability of these types of sophisticated medical cardiovascular screenings are limited to large health care facilities, and can be very expensive.  You now have an opportunity to make these screenings available to your community through Screening America.

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