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Thu, February 18, 2016Murray Co Central HS
2420 28th Street; Slayton; MN 56172
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Mon, February 22, 2016West Central HS
705 E. 2nd Street; Hartford; SD 57033
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Thu, February 25, 2016Lennox HS
1201 S Main; Lennox; SD 57039
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Thu, March 03, 2016De Smet HS
405 Third Street; De Smet; SD 57231
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Thu, March 24, 2016Howard HS
500 N. Section Line St; Howard; SD 57349
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Thu, April 07, 2016Britton-Hecla School District
759 5th & 6th Street; Britton; SD 57430
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Thu, April 14, 2016Gayville-Volin School District
100 Kingsbury St; Gayville; SD 57031
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Thu, April 28, 2016Parkston School District
102 A South Chapman Drive; Parkston; SD 57366
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