via Parent Heart Watch


GREENWOOD, Ind. — An 8th-grade student in Greenwood’s life was saved last week by quick action, CPR and a defibrillator.

An unidentified Greenwood student collapsed during a basketball practice on Friday afternoon, according to the Greenwood Community School Corporation. The student, a release said, needed immediate medical attention.

Coaches running the practice, as well as Greenwood school staff members, acted quickly to give the student CPR, the school corp’s release said. They then used a defibrillator, saving the student’s life.

“We are incredibly grateful for the quick and heroic action of our coaches,” Greenwood schools said in a statement Monday.

According to the release, doctors were soon able to discover that the student had a heart condition that had not previously been diagnosed.

“This was a very difficult situation for everyone involved,” a release said. “With this in mind, we are not sharing the name of the student or coaches at this time, as we are doing our best to respect their privacy.”