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Screening America is the area’s premier cardiac and vascular screening company. We employ only the best ultrasound technologists, and use only the best equipment. We are your local screening company!

About Screening America

Screening America will bring its specialized ultrasound equipment and expert staff to your venue.  There is no cost to the hosting facility.  Show your community your commitment to their well-being.  You now have an opportunity to make these screenings available to your community through Screening America.

Many schools, hospitals, clinics, universities, community organizations, banks, churches, sports clubs, and booster clubs throughout the region have already used Screening America to provide important life saving screenings for residents of their community, young and old.

We are a local company providing quality cardiac and vascular screenings to communities, as well as in our Sioux Falls Office.


Why Health Screenings are Important:

In the evolution of medicine, proactive healthcare, including prevention, has become the key to successfully managing patients.  In the past, patients were treated only when they became sick, or exhibited symptoms.  Treating patients in the later stages of their illness becomes very expensive.  Healthcare professionals have realized that detecting disease early allows for early intervention and treatment, before the disease becomes advanced or difficult to manage.  This early detection improves lives, saves lives, and also saves money.  It is much less expensive to have regular preventative health screenings than to treat an illness when it becomes advanced and requires extensive and expensive treatment; such as hospitalization, and surgery. Individuals are taking the management of their healthcare seriously, and rely on quality health screenings to increase their health and well-being. They are proactive in managing their healthcare. A physician’s order is not required for our screenings.

Screenings are inexpensive, and a great way for individuals to take charge of their own health and well-being.  Regular screenings can detect diseases in their early stages when they can best be treated, avoiding serious problems later in life.

Screening America is focused on the prevention, and early detection, of heart and vascular disease through very carefully designed screening programs.  We are in the business of saving lives.  We are able to do this because of the unique combination of experience and technology.  We can bring very sophisticated cardiac and vascular screening programs to your community, these same screenings are also available to you in our Sioux Falls office.

Our Mission

Screening America is “On A Mission To Save Lives.”

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